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We always welcome AI talents and expert researchers, expert engineers to join us. At the moment we focus on developing AI research and development team in the energetic Saigon city. Please email us with your CV and any relevant information.

Topics of interest

We are very keen on sharpening our expertise for important domains ranging from visual & language understanding, large-scale decision making & robotics/IoT, to high-level knowledge integration and use. We focus on 5 core AI technologies:

  • Deep learning of representations for both perception and control, combining bottom-up neural networks approaches with top-down symbolic machines. This includes graph networks (CNNs, RNNs, RL) and neuralogic/deep symbolic networks.
  • Probabilistic programming and (hierarchical) Bayesian modeling..
  • Knowledge graph for the acquisition, extraction, representation, integration, retrieval and use of high-level abstract knowledge.
  • Planning at both geometric (e.g., robotic optimal control) and logic/relational levels; reasoning, including causal inference.
  • Optimization, including BayesianOpt, evolution strategies, and learning-to-optimize (meta-learning) in particular.